We pride ourselves on our independent perspective: one that balances local and global, business and society, in a different way. We provide insights on the future of our profession and its role in building a fair and prosperous world. Through our publications, we highlight and share our views on the major changes that will impact the lives and business models of our clients, as well as on the megatrends that will reshape our world.

C-suite barometer

Every year, we conduct research to understand the priorities and issues at the heart of our clients’ businesses. Our C-suite barometer gathers the views of executives from all over the world, giving us valuable insight into key topics on their agenda, the trends and transformations they expect to impact their company, the challenges and opportunities they are facing and their outlook for the year ahead.

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Growing Global

Even in uncertain times, businesses are looking to grow their operations and open new markets abroad.
Growing Global explores how companies can best understand, meet, and overcome the many challenges they face when it comes to global expansion.

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Sustainability isn't just an option – it's a necessity. At the forefront of this movement, we recognise the importance of seamlessly integrating sustainability into all aspects of business and society.

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Digitalisation is transforming business growth across the globe. At Forvis Mazars, we understand the opportunities and risks of this megatrend as organisations attempt to navigate this ongoing shift successfully.

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Business performance

Business transformation means agility and competitiveness. Leading in this area, Forvis Mazars understands the importance of designing, implementing, and following comprehensive strategies to drive and realise business goals.

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The future of audit: market view – myths, realities and ways forward

Audit faces ambitious and stimulating change, both in terms of the way the work is performed, with increasing support from new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI), and its scope, including financial, sustainability and IT reporting.

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