Local government

Helping local governments make effective use of resources

Capital funding for local government is under severe pressure but remains vital to economic growth and the quality of local service provision. It has never been more important to understand the full range of options for financing key projects.

The way local government delivers public services is changing rapidly too, against the backdrop of the special features of local government audit with its focus on efficient and effective use of resources and role in reassuring elected members and local taxpayers. 

We believe that our approach delivers the required assurance efficiently as well as valuable insight to members and officers.

Our team of highly experienced external auditors are supported by a strong technical team that includes local government specialists, well versed in accounting and financial reporting.

We have a broad network of specialists who can also assist in all areas of tax and advisory. They are uniquely placed to improve your operations, develop appropriate project strategies and to help access cutting edge local government funding solutions which are essential to deliver the savings required.

Through our dedicated team, we offer the skills, methodologies and technological capabilities to deliver a service that adds value in an efficient and effective manner and create better outcomes for the citizens you serve.