Renewable energy

Helping you drive the energy transition

Renewable energy driven by decarbonisation policy, decentralisation and digitalisation is transforming energy production globally. The continuous rapid revolution in technologies and costs, shifting regulatory requirements and power price volatility are all front of mind for stakeholders in this sector. We offer an integrated team of specialists to provide you with the guidance you need to secure financing and seize new growth opportunities in this market.

Our approach

Bringing sector intelligence coupled with specialist technical skills helps us support our clients operating in this sector meet the challenges of this complex environment, to address key concerns such as:

  • Finance new developments and projects
  • Finding growth opportunities and expanding around the world
  • Increase asset resilience and cyber security 
  • Improve efficiency and operating performance

At Mazars, we have a strategic focus in reducing risk when working with clients in this sector. For example, we have extensive experience in financial modelling across all the major renewable sectors of onshore and offshore wind, solar, biomass and waste.

Allied to our modelling capabilities, we are the global leader in providing independent assurance though our model audit service line to investors, owners and funders creating confidence to do deals across the globe.

A robust, reliable model allows project planning to proceed with confidence. Our worldwide renewables team can then leverage our expertise in tax, accounting, and operations to solve critical challenges including raising project debt and equity finance, managing tax, grants and depreciation allowances, and can create benchmarks around both operational and ESG factors.

As assets mature and regulations evolve, there may be a need for operational fine-tuning or new corporate structures. There may be opportunities for external solutions such as M&A or disposal of non-core projects. Our team has a long track record of supporting developers, owners and investors buying and selling assets to maximise value and mitigate risk.

With asset prices rising, yields are under pressure as soon as a transaction is complete. We work with our clients to support them in the operations phase to immediately integrate new projects, and provide ongoing support for operational efficiency throughout their portfolios through AOS, tax compliance and statutory audit support.

With increasing regulatory pressure and demand from customers and supply chains to provide sustainability information, we also help clients to build frameworks and governance processes to verify and assure the narrative reporting on their sustainability activities.

Our services

Support in financing and developing your projects

  • Buy and sell side transaction support including debt and equity raising, tax,
  • Financial and model due diligence 
  • Infrastructure finance 
  • Structuring international development and external growth: investment opportunity studies in the energy sector, support in driving integration projects, financial, tax and legal support in establishing subsidiaries or businesses

Optimising your operations

  • Financial management: audit and accounting, financial engineering, alignment of costs in connection with the business strategy, financial modelling of investment projects
  • Data and automation: improve the power of your data and protect it
  • Risk management: adjusting the level of investment in accordance with industrial risks, internal control, risk mapping, identification and prevention of fraud risks
  • Operational management: industrial asset optimisation, global optimisation of the supply chain, maintenance strategy for industrial sites

Helping you build a more sustainable business

  • ESG audits
  • Optimisation of carbon strategy 
  • Consulting support on all aspects of developing sustainable infrastructure and accessing sustainable finance

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