M&A Tax

Ensuring important transactions are tax-efficient

M&A transactions are key moments in any company’s progress.

Our approach 

When you are considering a merger or an acquisition, it is important to assess your tax obligations. You will want to make sure your transaction is as efficient as possible, both commercially and financially.

Tax is a vital part of our global, cross-disciplinary M&A service that brings in advisory, valuation, due diligence and integration consulting. Our understanding of the full transaction lifecycle helps us deliver key tax advice at the speed needed to ensure opportunities are seized and best prices obtained. 

Our services

We offer tax advice covering:

  • Direct advice on transaction structure
  • Tax risk assessment
  • Strategic advice on tax for holding companies and other new corporate structures
  • Advice on tax-efficient deal finance
  • Advice tax-efficient return of funds to investors after a disposal
  • Advice on post-acquisition structuring
  • Tax due diligence

Our tools & solutions 

Our ability to combine internationally-relevant deal experience alongside in-depth knowledge local Israel tax ordinances will not only assist you in achieving your business objectives but do so in the most tax efficient way.

Get in touch

If you are thinking about a merger or acquisition and want to know how to make sure it is tax-efficient, please get in touch today at tax@mazars.co.il