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Independent specialist advice to help deliver better, fairer health outcomes

Even before recent events put healthcare to the forefront of global concerns, the sector faced growing challenges. Aging populations, changing funding models, rising public expectations and the advent of disruptive technology have all contributed to difficulties in providing quality care at affordable costs. At Mazars, we understand the need to work collaboratively with companies, governments, policymakers and investors to deliver healthy, safe societies. We offer specialist advice to address cost pressures while leveraging our technical expertise with one objective in mind: to help continuously improve the quality of care.

Our approach

The healthcare ecosystem is facing rapidly changing demographics, higher consumer demands and shifting political priorities. The most secure and resilient healthcare organisations and businesses will be those who can anticipate how rapid innovation, spending patterns for domestic and international health systems and regulatory changes will impact their bottom line.

Organisations and businesses in the healthcare sector are responding to technological advances, new care delivery techniques and the emergence of new challengers. In the years ahead, we believe versatility and adaptability will be key, which is why we are constantly updating our own knowledge with the aim to cater to the broadest range of players in the healthcare and life sciences landscape.

Our solutions are designed to help authorities, organisations and companies manage and improve their day-to-day operations in the health sector, anticipate changes and achieve real transformation. Whether you need short-term accounting solutions or a longer-term appraisal of your organisation’s strategy, we have the experience and knowledge to support you. Our team members have years of experience as consultants or accountants in the medical and social care sectors, with many holding professional medical accounting memberships. Based on your requirements, we aim to build a team with the best skills to drive your organisation forward.

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