Doing business abroad

We live in a world of economic and geopolitical instability. To make the right investment and expansion decisions, businesses need to understand all the forces at play, anticipate new challenges and capture the opportunities.

Wherever they see their next global opportunity, our clients can rely on Mazars to help them make the right business decisions and successfully expand overseas.


Large multinational companies, as well as smaller firms that strive to achieve international development, face a series of organisational, operational and financial challenges. Whether they want to set up a business abroad or expand beyond national borders through organic growth or mergers and acquisitions, they need the help and support of experts who can provide them with the custom-made services they need at any given time.

This is exactly what we offer, in a consistent manner, in over 80 countries on all continents. The audit, accounting, consulting and tax professionals who work in our international desks understand local specifics and global markets. In addition, our ‘Doing business in…’ series of publications, based on Mazars’ extensive international experience and in-depth local expertise, sheds light on crucial matters that business leaders should consider when operating or expanding in different geographies.