Secondment services

Professional support for your internal teams when you need it most

Many organisations find skilled professionals in short supply. Today’s talent pools for many specialist roles are just too small. At Mazars, we can offer tailored secondments that provide you with experts when you need them at the level you need them. 

Our approach

Companies face staff shortages in business-critical positions for many reasons. The talent pool in a given location may not be large enough, your company may be growing faster than it can bring on staff, or you may need to take on project-specific talent for a limited period of time.

Our secondment services support your business needs when you need us most. We offer talented professionals across a wide range of outsourced functions, including accounting, tax, human resources, IT and corporate secretarial services.

 Our team members all share a singular commitment to providing you with the highest quality of cover when you are experiencing staff shortages. Each professional has the qualifications, career experience and personal attributes necessary to work in dynamic settings and rise to an array of challenges. Mazars prides itself on the quality and drive of its people, and we invest heavily in supporting our people become the expert practitioners and leaders they want to be.

Our services  

When you turn to Mazars for your team support, we will provide a tailored package to fit your needs and objectives. Our support mirrors many of our outsourced services, such as:

  • Accounting assistance
  • Financial reporting
  • Human resources and recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Project management

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