Taxation of International Assignees webinar

International assignments can create escalating challenges arising from tax, social security, immigration, payroll and corporation tax considerations. To keep up with the ever-changing global tax landscape, both businesses and individuals need to understand the issues of employment in their market of choice.

With cross border employment, HR and tax departments must navigate a common set of challenges of meeting fast-changing government requirements in areas such as tax, social security, and immigration law.

On 30 November 2021, we hosted a webinar to explore the taxation of international assignees is several markets. Moderated by Elaine Chow, Director, Tax (Mazars in Singapore), the webinar featured our in-house experts:

  • Alexander Rasink, Partner, Global Mobility Services, Tax (Mazars in Netherlands)
  • Joe Pilley, Global Mobility Tax Director, Tax (Mazars in UK)
  • Jonathan Stuart-Smith, Partner, Tax (Mazars in Thailand)
  • Do Thanh Tam, Director, Tax (Mazars in Vietnam)
  • Oscar Chow, Senior Manager, Tax (Mazars in Hong Kong)

Following the webinar, we are excited to reveal the report which provides timely insights for employers to effectively manage their global workforce.

Download the full report to learn about:

  • Hiring of international assignees and short term business travellers working in Europe and Asia
  • Tax issues for digital nomads
  • How Mazars can help


Taxation of International Assignees Report

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