Social security consultancy

Counseling in all fields of expertise regarding social security regulations including workplace registry, takeover, transfer, transition, especially transactions to be conducted by the employer, net income assessment for insurance premium, premium rates, determining workplace risks, their classification and degree, modifications, administrative fines, and objection to these fines, related legal procedures, refund of premium exceeding the upper limit of income for premium, and exceptional transactions.

Minimum Wage Consultancy

Strategical management of the process regarding minimum wage labor in construction and tender processes or permanent jobs with required counseling services. Minimum wage agreement, methods of action of objection, procuring nonrelation document.

Subcontractor Supervision and Reporting

Risk management and reporting regarding social security, business law and occupational health risks in subcontracted work affiliate to your main workplace.

Services Regarding the Employment of Non-National Workers

Conducting all types of transactions regarding regulations on the employment of non-national workers, getting working permit if the non-national workers are eligible, renewal of employment permit.

Consultancy on Incentives

Determining employment strategies for the workplace to benefit from one or more incentives, starting from that of social security agency and Is-Kur, becoming a regular beneficiary of these incentives.

Supervision for special purposes

Customized supervision and counseling services in line with the specific requirements of your company in business law, social security, occupational health and safety.

Counseling service

Organizing the implementation of legal obligationsthat might occur upon possible Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services inspections and supervisions, proactive counseling services.