Insight and innovation to guide you through an ever-evolving tax landscape

Today’s tax systems pose significant challenges for business. The complexities of domestic and international rules mean organisations need clear, informed, and considered guidance. Working closely with you, we build transparent, integrated tax-efficient solutions that give you confidence, and help you excel in a sustainable way.  


Our approach 

We work closely with you to provide tax solutions that help you achieve your strategic objectives. By acting as one agile, integrated and collaborative team, across sectors, services and geographies, our clients benefit from both our local roots and the global perspective that comes from being part of an international firm.  

Our professionals have deep experience in all areas of tax, providing businesses at all stages of their life cycle with specialist advice, ranging from corporate and employment tax, to transfer pricing and corporate structuring, to national and international transactions, to ensuring tax compliance when setting up new operations overseas.  

For our private clients, we provide the detailed understanding you need to make effective long-term financial decisions regarding your tax planning, and work with you on all aspects of implementation. 

We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships. As your partner, we take the time to understand your needs, and tailor our services accordingly.  


 How we can help

  • Tax consulting and certification
  • Tax revision
  • VAT Refund
  • International tax
  • Global mobility and employment tax
  • VAT and indirect tax
  • Transfer pricing
  • M&A tax
  • National & domestic tax
  • Private client tax
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Local tax incentives
  • Corporate structures

Tax consulting and certification

We provide our clients with Tax Consulting and Certification Services with our Sworn Financial Advisors and CPAs. We conduct regular tax audits on our clients and the results of these audits are reported to the client’s management. These tax audits are designed to verify the compliance of tax and accounting practices of the clients with the tax legislation and regulations as well as to help the clients designate the tax planning tools suitable to their respective and unique circumstances. Additionally, we inform our clients with our circulars regularly with regards to the changes and amendments made to the current tax legislation and other related regulations by e-mail.

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Tax revision

The tax review service is carried out by an audit team working under the supervision of a Sworn Financial Advisor.

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VAT refund

All kinds of consultancy services concerning VAT refund, VAT refund training, Preparation of lists on which VAT Refund is based,
Determination of refund amounts, Preparation of Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant reports are carried out in this department with great care by our experienced staff consisting of Certified Public Accountants, Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants, experts and auditors.

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International tax

Providing clarity in the tangled world of global taxation.

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Global mobility & employment tax

Ensuring the right skills are available when and where you need them.

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VAT & indirect tax

VAT and indirect taxes need careful planning as they make up an ever-larger part of the tax take.

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Transfer pricing

A global view on a business-critical, fast-evolving issue.

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M&A tax

Ensuring important transactions are tax-efficient.

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National & domestic tax

Strategies and solutions to help you stay compliant in an evolving environment

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Private client tax

Bespoke advice for individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and senior executives.

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Tax compliance

Efficient handling of a growing workload

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Tax dispute resolution

As tax disputes proliferate globally, effective advice becomes crucial.

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Corporate structures

A proactive approach to complex international tax topics.

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Turkish citizenship by investment

Mazars Denge supports the citizenship process from the beginning to the end and provides all counseling and assistance regarding citizenship which the clients need.

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Social security consultancy

Yatırım teşvik hizmetleri

Butik yaklaşımımızla yatırım teşvik süreçlerinizde ekibinizin bir parçasıyız

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