Forensic & Investigations

Our Forensic and Investigation Services practice offers a wide range of services globally. Our team has extensive experience in providing high-quality, timely and cost-effective investigations, advice, expert reports and expert testimony on financial and accountancy matters.

Forensic and investigation services require discreet professionals with deep expertise. Knowing exactly what steps to take is critical to ensuring that the desired outcome is achieved. 

Key benefits that we bring

  • Expert witnesses and investigations partners that have given evidence in court and arbitrations and led complex internal investigations.
  • Maintains business continuity, confidentiality and reputation of the client.
  • A tailored approach supported by an international network working seamlessly across borders.


  • Forensic and investigation services: We provide reviews for fraud, bribery, corruption, tenders/ bid collusion, anti-trust, asset tracing and recovery, and money laundering.
  • Forensic technology: We investigate technology to support investigations and litigations, including forensic imaging of digital devices, processing data, laptop-only or web-hosting of digital data and e-review.
  • Expert witness: We can act as a party appointed, single joint expert or expert advisor in a host of litigation, international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution procedures. 

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