Public administration, spun out public sector organisations, universities, research organisations and municipalities all face a wide array of challenges. The pressure to increase both efficiency and transparency dominates operational management, and consideration of economic viability has become a constant concern.

Seamlessly coordinating requirements

The range of conditions specific to operations in the public sector calls for perfect coordination. Each individual component requires in-depth expertise, and every one of them forms part of our core competency. It’s not for nothing that we are among Austria’s leading consulting firms for the public sector. 

Our expertise

  • Handling spin-outs: setting up separate organisations
  • Auditing statements of accounts for national and European funding programmes: many years of experience in efficiently conducting FLC, SLC and other audits
  • Annual financial statements audit: we are specialists in auditing for the public sector
  • Management audits: assessing processes for efficiency and effectiveness
  • New local government accounting regulation for local authorities (VRV 2015): support for introducing the new accounting system

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