ESG Agenda: This should be on your radar

Business success and the issue of sustainability should not be viewed as contradictory. The symbiosis of these two elements is already quite evident in some large companies, which are profiting from this alliance. However, ESG, with all its social and environmental aspects, presents many challenges that need to be considered.

From a strictly legal point of view, for example, some parts of the current regulations might not yet apply to all companies. However, in their expectations regarding ethical and social issues, stakeholders, customers, and society will hardly distinguish between what is legally required and what isn’t when it comes to ESG. This means that companies should take action early to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

With numerous different issues involved, it’s easy to lose track of these. Which aspects are important? Where do I start? On the following pages, we’ll give you background information on the key areas to focus on and provide advice to help you take the right steps toward ensuring sustainability in your company. Here, you’ll also find specific solutions provided by our experts.

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