Our managing team

The Assembly of Partners is the highest decision-making body of Forvis Mazars in Germany. The Partners in Germany meet three times a year. They elect the Supervisory Board, the Management Board as well as the leaders of the service lines.

The Supervisory Board consists of three members who are elected for four-year terms. They oversee the activities of our Management Board and have a supporting role in terms of business policy and development on behalf of the partnership. The Supervisory Board is the point of intersection for the Assembly of Partners and the Management Board. Members of the Supervisory Board of Forvis Mazars in Germany are Gertrud R. Bergmann, Peter Felst and Jörg Maas.

The Management Board consists of four Partners. Aligned with the international strategy of the Forvis Mazars Group, the Management Board defines the national strategic objectives for Forvis Mazars in Germany and manages the administrative business areas.

The members of the Management Board of Mazars in Germany are:

  • Dr Tatjana Ellerbrock
  • Stefan Hölzemann
  • Dr Christoph Regierer
  • Pierre Zapp

The international counterpart to the Management Board at Forvis Mazars is the Group Executive Board (GEB). Forvis Mazars international Supervisory Board is called the Group Governance Council (GGC). Partners of Forvis Mazars in German are represented in both bodies: Dr Christoph Regierer (GEB) and Gertrud R. Bergmann (GGC).

Mazars Management Board