The ethics unit and the risk management committee

The function of our ethics unit is to prevent compliance problems and conflicts of interest.

This unit's role is to:

  •  Track changes to the independence rules and update the Charter of Conduct for Objectivity and Independence;
  •  Inform auditors of all rule changes and important legal decisions;
  •  Establish practical guides permitting auditors to identify compliance problems more easily, notably prohibited  services;
  •  Respond to auditors' questions on accepting projects and conflict of interest situations.
  •  Participate in training auditors on ethics and compliance.

The risk management committee

The risk management committee carries out the following tasks:

  • Underpinning and supporting the ongoing training provided by the training and doctrine divisions;
  • Keeping partners and colleagues regularly updated on the decisions taken by the courts on this subject;
  • Working with the relevant partners to analyse and define the correct behaviour for situations or dossiers which carry potential risks.