C-suite barometer 2023: ESG insights

With sustainabilty rising to the top of the C-suite agenda for planned investment, our C-suite ESG insights reports explore the current sustainability trends, priorities and challenges for businesses.

In the light of new sustainability regulations, geopolitical changes, technological innovation, and increasing societal expectations, companies are under direct pressure to take action on their ESG activity, and embed this successfully into the wider business model. Combining insight from business leaders following our 2023 C-suite barometer, along with expert interviews, we explore how companies can make the most of their ESG journey.

The way forward for sustainability reporting

Examining the depth of compliance with the sustainability reporting regulations in the EU (the CSRD), this report zooms in on other areas affected by these regulatory changes, including the US, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Combining this global insight with a guide to the evolution of global sustainability reporting practices, read our guide to remain prepared for regulatory change.

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The ESG data challenge

Zooming in on the data quality issues that organisations around the globe are faced with in order to take action on their ESG impact, we look at how business leaders are combining their business strategy to  how business leaders are organising to pave the way for more robust and efficient non-financial reporting data. Coming soon

Investing in a sustainable future

Investigate how the spectrum of ESG challenges – including sustainable supply chains, diversity and inclusion and human rights – should be integrated successfully into business governance models across different regions and sectors. This report provides a guide to the sustainability topics that should be front and centre of the business agenda and identifies areas for improvement. Coming soon


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C-suite ESG 2023 - The way forward for sustainability reporting

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