Business resilience in times of crisis

05/05/2022 The invasion of Ukraine has led to a major military and humanitarian conflict in the heart of Europe – resulting in one of the most significant geopolitical crises since the end of World War II.Organisations around the world, including those without resources and personnel located in the immediate conflict region, are facing wide-ranging and unexpected challenges – compounded by the persistent impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

Combined, the major crises of the past two years have rattled the global economy, laid bare the fragility of business-critical supply chains, triggered inflationary pressures, and escalated cyber threats. Organisations must adapt to new realities in real time and harden their business resilience to respond more effectively to the persistent and prolonged effects of the current situation and take a proactive approach to better prepare for inevitable future disruptions.

Steps organisations can take now

Organisations can take steps right now to respond to the current disruptions and to increase their resiliency for future disasters. Examples of proactive actions can include:

  • Understanding your organisation’s greatest risks and vulnerabilities

First things first – prior to developing effective crisis response mechanisms, take steps to identify and prioritise risks and vulnerabilities that have the highest potential to disrupt core operations.

  • Developing actionable crisis management and business continuity plans

Develop actionable plans and resiliency support frameworks custom-built to your organisation’s unique challenges and requirements to mitigate crisis impacts effectively and in real time – and to continue or rapidly recover your most critical business functions.

  • Assessing your IT disaster recovery requirements and capabilities

Understand your IT infrastructure and recovery requirements and build plans and advanced technology solutions to support recovery objectives and harden your IT security capabilities.

  • Addressing supply chain concerns

Identify your most critical suppliers and concentration risks across your supply chain networks and strengthen and expand resource networks to support key operations during times of acute crisis and resource constraints.

Mazars is helping organisations excel in uncertain times

We help organisations achieve improved organisational resilience by implementing resilient strategies and actionable plans to face any type of environmental, manmade, or technological disaster. We build comprehensive organisational resiliency strategies and frameworks that protect your business, its people, and its key assets.

Our approach is designed to eliminate or reduce vulnerabilities by implementing tailored approaches to help you manage crises and safeguard and recover critical functions.

Our methodology begins with understanding your organisation and the current state of its risk, continuity and recovery programme, or policies. We then develop strategic plans, roadmaps, and specific solution sets to identify emerging risks, improve response and recovery actions, establish sustainable programmes, and build a culture of proactive preparedness.

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