Strategic roadmap

A vital tool for long-term digital planning

A strategic technology roadmap is a vital tool to prevent short-term, reactive projects from overwhelming long-term plans. It needs to reflect today’s business model and have the flexibility to anticipate tomorrow’s model, and show who owns each part of the plan while also communicating a common vision. Our specialists can work with you to develop a roadmap that helps your business create genuine value.

Our approach

We know IT spending is precious. It needs to be focused on long-term goals while ensuring that urgent, short-term projects can be accommodated if business-critical. We believe a strategic IT roadmap, driven by the business strategy, is an essential tool in achieving this balance. It can provide extra clarity for specialised functions in an organisation, such as cyber security and data protection.

We have developed a four-stage approach to strategy development, based upon the need for both flexibility and scalability. As such, it applies across all sectors and has been put into practice at businesses of all sizes from multinationals to small privately-owned businesses.

Our four-stage approach to strategy development comprises:

  • Understand the current landscape.
  • Identify critical requirements driven by business strategy.
  • Create a costed strategic IT roadmap reflecting trends in technology and marketplace competition.
  • C-level buy-in and execution.

The roadmap will typically include a delivery plan with a 12-36 month timeline, which will include long-term projects and quick wins.

Our services

  • Mapping of the entire IT landscape
  • Support throughout the four-step plan to create a roadmap that delivers real benefits.
  • Specialised help on sub-plans such as those covering cyber security, business continuity or workplace mobility as well as the IT required to achieve the roadmap.
  • Costing and ROI analysis.
  • Support with design thinking and co-creation methodology in order to identify critical requirements.
  • Collection and verification of data used in the IT landscape.

Our people

Our team has extensive experience in technologies that need consideration for any roadmap such as AI, blockchain and robotic process automation. Our Are you missing the tech train report highlighted the growing impact of these and other technologies.

Each of our specialists has qualifications and certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Security Managers (CISM), The Control Objectives for IT (COBIT) and PRINCE2 project management, as well as Agile certifications such as Scrum Master and SAFe 4 Agilist®. We also have change management specialists who can advise and assist on the strategic roadmap in order to ensure efficient buy-in at every level. 

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