India Macro-tracker series

Mazars in India is launching the India Macro-tracker series, which measures the dynamism in the Indian economy from a set of select key indicators and analyses their impact for the coming time. The six indicators presented in this tracker include: Real Income, Inflation, International Trade, Fiscal, Business and Consumer.

The intent of this series is to not only capture development across these six indicators but also evaluate their impact on the larger macro picture, including the transition toward a value-driven, digital, skill-based and sustainable ecosystem. This also includes highlighting these indicators in relation to a significant “macro-event” in every series and explaining implications from the same on both the present and future periods

We are excited to launch this new series, with the endeavor to keep it a regular exercise that covers every milestone as India inches toward India@100. We hope it presents pertinent insights to you all!


India Macro-Tracker series- April 2024
India Macro-Tracker series- October 2023
India Macro-Tracker series- June 2023
India Macro Tracker- February 2023
Macro Tracker India series October 2022
India Macro tracker series - June 2022
India Macro tracker series - March 2022