Indian Automotive Industry Expectation Survey 2014

The automotive industry has been and will remain a vital element of the economy of industrialised countries across the globe. Today, this industry is not only viewed as an important driver of growth, income,employment and innovation, but also one which has increasingly been facilitating cross-border sharing of technologies and best practices.

As a part of its ongoing focus on providing its automotive industry clients with opportunities and platforms to voice their views and
expectations, Mazars has timed this historic political development to undertake a focused survey. While structuring the survey questions
and analysing the responses, Mazars has sought to gauge the current sentiment and outlook of the companies across all the verticals within India’s automotive industry. Our endeavour has also been to provide thought-provoking perspectives on aspects which can position this vital industry back on track, while also identifying aspects which can potentially create road blocks.

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Indian Automotive Industry Survey 2014