Forvis Mazars in India Group Annual Report 2006-2007

Forvis Mazars in India is eager to extend its transparency policy.
For the third year in a row, our annual report is available via our website as well as in paper format. This report includes our consolidated and audited accounts, under IFRS standards. You can read the report online and order a hard copy.
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Fresh from our adventures beyond the beaten track in 2006, this year saw us keenly surveying new territories.
These particular tracts of the earth, in all their extraordinary diversity, are known simply as its gardens.
They reflect some of man’s highest aspirations, and an art that is practised and appreciated around the world.
Gardens are defined by their limits, but also form an endless source of inspiration. The art of gardening depends on working with nature, not against her. It requires both global vision and minute attention to humble details. It is an art that makes sense to anyone who feels responsible for their environment, whether economic, human or natural.

On an international level, the approach becomes more political. Rather than imposing a flat homogeneity based on the prevailing perception of efficiency, the art lies in cultivating diversity and capitalising on cultural differences, in order to better serve the common good.

The 2006-2007 edition of our annual report is intended to reflect this vision, by illustrating our commitment to cultivating, on every continent, an appropriate, fertile and stimulating environment for our staff, our clients, society and the world’s economies.