Technology & innovation

We are at our best when we combine our expertise, agility and understanding with the latest technology and innovation.

We embrace our independence and celebrate the individuality of our people and our clients. As a result, we are a firm where innovators thrive. We have put innovation and technology at the heart of our service lines and made them the backbone of the development of new tools, processes and offerings that will further enhance the quality, insights and added value of the services we provide and augment our teams.

People and clients as the engine of our innovation

We strongly believe in collective intelligence and over the past year we relied on a global crowdsourcing campaign to collect ideas and select key projects we focus our investments on. In 2022, we sourced over 100+ business ideas from 60+ countries across all seniority levels, from interns to country managing partners. To support this effort, we have a committed community of innovation ambassadors around the world, leading initiatives and spurring a culture of innovation in the way we work and deliver our client services. We codevelop with clients and reflect together on key topics transforming businesses, for example in our Transformation Labs or Energy Labs.

A solid league of tech hubs around the world

Every year, new projects are developed in our tech hubs, and become solutions that we bring to our clients. Our tech hubs are a catalyst for change. Our first hub was inaugurated in 2018. We launched two additional hubs in 2019 and we now have a network of ten hubs across the world to turn our ideas into actual solutions that are transforming the way we serve our clients. Our tech hubs are specialised in RPA, AI, machine learning, augmented reality and client portals.

A portfolio of tools and solutions

This vibrant community of innovators and tech experts allowed us to develop a portfolio of augmented services bringing enhanced experiences and added value to our clients as well as new skills and capacity to our teams. Our tools and solutions cover everything from cyber security and data analytics to accounting, payroll and global compliance solutions.

Here are the tools and solutions

  • Atlas NextGen- Our bespoke, proprietary audit platform, designed to provide secured, paperless, compliant audit workflow.
  • Atlas Analytics NextGen- An integrated tool, Atlas NextGen platform is built to support journal entry testing.
  • Signals- Our online platform where our clients can view all their documents pertaining to tax, compliances and other relevant areas alongside the outstanding actions with clear timelines.
  • Datasnipper- An online tool that accelerates the Audit teams’ productivity by documenting audit procedures by extracting, cross-referencing and validating the source document.
  • InControl- An online platform that gives our clients complete oversight of their global compliance activities in real-time, allowing them to identify and resolve problems before they become an issue.
  • Forvis Mazars in India Advisory Solutions- A pioneering online advisory platform that provides tax and other business advisory solutions through a holistic portal. Backed by a team of qualified and experienced experts, it is a solutions-oriented service that caters to all direct and indirect tax queries.