Tax Alert No. 4 - [UPDATE] BIR Form Nos 1604-C and 1604-F

Extension of the deadline for the filing/submission of the Annual Information Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation and Final Withholding Taxes

Extension of deadline

Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 17-2021 issued on January 29, 2021 provides that the deadline set on January 31, 2021 is extended to February 28, 2021, for the:

  1. filing of Annual Information Returns (BIR Form Nos. 1604-C and 1604-F);
  2. submission of 4th Quarter (QAP); and,
  3. submission of Annual Alphabetical List of Employees/Payees from Whom Taxes Were Withheld (Alphalist) using the new version of the Alphalist Data Entry and Validation Module under RMC No. 7-2021.

Old version alphalist

Alphalist submitted using the old version of the module, prior to the issuance of RMC No. 7-2021 shall no longer be required for resubmission.