Compensation management

The current market reality requires that organisations not only streamline their costs, but also achieve greater effectiveness in their management. To that avail, we can help your company with the administration of compensations.

The functions that can be undertaken by our company include:

  • Preparation of employment contracts.
  • Paperwork required by various public entities (BPS, BSE, MTSS).
  • Payment of employees’ salaries, along with the corresponding issuance of receipts for salaries, bonuses, vacation pay, and settlements for discharge.
  • Monthly preparation of work history and calculation of contributions owed to the Social Security Bank.
  • Communication with the bank regarding the amounts to deposit in the workers’ bank accounts. (If specific software is necessary, it must be provided).
  • Upgrading and renewal of control forms for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
  • Communication of hiring and dismissals of employees at BPS with subsequent update worksheet.
  • Calculation of income tax contributions by employees, based on the income received.
  • Preparation of salary accounting entries and supplies.
  • Monthly payment of B.P.S and income tax.
  • Issuance of certificates to employees for annual income tax withholdings.