Intellectual Property (IP)

Intangible and yet of asset value: intellectual property rights are as diverse as our clients themselves. One of the most exciting challenges is how we can protect your ideas and products together. Because it is indispensable for you to secure the basis of your entrepreneurial activity, not least in order to be able to focus on the challenges of our time, and new development opportunities.

Our approach

The protection of our clients’ creative intellectual achievements, be it in the form of trademarks, copyrights, patents, or expertise, plays an important role and is often the guarantor of entrepreneurial success. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the industry and can therefore provide you with the best possible support in all areas of securing and exploiting intellectual property rights, and your expertise.

Our services

In the area of intellectual property (IP), we offer the following consulting services:

Protection and exploitation of intellectual property

  • Comprehensive legal advice on all issues pertaining to the protection and exploitation of intellectual property, in particular, the protection of expertise
  • Development of IP strategies
  • IP portfolio management, in particular patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs
  • Development, contractual design, and implementation of IP licensing models
  • Legal advice on the new legal challenges in the area of intellectual property, in particular on the topics of artificial intelligence and big data

Brands and designs

  • Comprehensive legal advice on, and representation in, all matters pertaining to trademark and design law, as well as the protection of other corporate trademarks
  • National and international applications for trademarks and designs (in particular, examination of protectability and legal representation in application proceedings)
  • Trademark administration (in particular, renewal of protection, extension of protection, and new applications in case of further development of the trademark
  • Trademark defence (in particular, legal representation in disputes related to trademarks and unfair competition)
  • Comprehensive legal advice on the transfer and licensing of trademarks

Copyright and personal rights

  • Comprehensive legal advice on all matters pertaining to copyright law, in particular, those relating to the development and distribution of software and other IT law issues
  • Legal advice on social media marketing, in particular, the protection of rights to one’s own name and image

Patent and utility model law

  • Comprehensive legal advice on the assignment and licensing of patents and utility models, as well as on issues pertaining to employee invention law
  • Legal advice and cooperation with experienced patent attorneys in national and international patent and utility model applications
  • Legal advice on the matters pertaining to infringement of patents and utility models

Domain law

  • Comprehensive legal advice on matters pertaining to domain law

Due diligence under IP law

R&D contracts, cooperation agreements, and joint ventures

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