Our university

Education is the backbone of our talent and leadership development strategy. Our clients await educated answers to complex questions, our people expect to augment their employability along with a strong sense of belonging. This is why we created our very own corporate university back in 2008, with one simple question in mind: why stop learning once you graduate? In a talent-intensive industry, we very much rely on the quality of our people. Education at all stages of the professional journey is what increasingly makes the difference.
Our university is recognised as one of the most advanced and innovative corporate universities by its peers. It was first accredited CLIP – the leading independent accreditation for corporate universities – in 2015 and re-accredited in 2020. This accreditation confirms our talent management strategy and gives us validation from our peers that our university counts among the leading players.

Our university is a real arena for learning, discovering and exchanging views amongst staff and partners from all over the world, and a crucible of our diversity. It closely resembles our partnership image, and is a real integrated, truly international structure. It promotes variety of opinions, debates, and offers a broader view of the world in a quintessentially democratic atmosphere.

Core missions of our university:

  • Accelerate our firm's cultural metamorphosis
  • Connect our people, worldwide
  • Boost global performance
  • Produce, curate and share knowledge
  • Catalyse innovation
  • Grow our rich ecosystem
  • Enhance our brand

Put shortly, the strategic mandate of our university is, more than ever, twofold: to sustain the culture and the leadership of our partnership.

To this end, our university has been built around a blended learning approach, encouraging coaching and feedback, and offering modern on-site as well as online programmes, as follows:

Cutting-edge international seminars

Our university offers 20+ world-class leadership and business development programmes, among which is our flagship 'The Next MBA'. The Next MBA builds a community of top executives from leading companies around the world, who embark on a transformative learning experience together.

Other programmes cover a variety of topics and geographies ranging from our Women Leadership Seminar, our Business Development Accelerator to our very own Development Centre and Partner Development Focus.

User-friendly digital learning worldwide

Our university provides our professionals across the globe with unlimited access to state-of-the-art training content, through its global partnership with LinkedIn Learning and its global online platform, 'U-learn'.

Our people at the heart of our transformation

Through multidisciplinary workshops and initiatives our people design innovative audit, advisory and business solutions. We organise internal innovation events where our teams can participate in hacking today’s business challenges to offer innovative solutions and services.

International mobility

Regardless if an international experience is inbound or outbound, everyone agrees that it leads to professional growth as well as long-lasting professional and personal relationships, which are the hallmarks of our organisation. Since we are present in over 100 countries and territories, we promote international mobility for our people to develop their careers and contribute to our global business.



The NextMBA, launched in 2011, counts 190+ graduates and participants. The programme is delivered on 6 continents, with a starting week in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. This MBA gathers faculty from the most prestigious universities and business schools in the world (Harvard, Princeton, Kellog, NYU, Stanford,…) and welcomes participants from blue chips like Manpower, Steelcase, Aviva, L’Oreal, Saint-Gobain among others.