The ReCoach programme

ReCoach is a powerful change management programme designed to drive a cultural (r)evolution: part of our university's offering, it trains a community of senior leaders to embrace their roles as early adopters and change agents to nurture a coaching culture throughout our partnership.

Our ReCoaches are a carefully selected group of partners trained to guide and advise their peers through their self-assessment and individual development journeys over a four-year period. Acting as both 'reviewers' and 'coaches' (roles that are often on opposing ends of a learning path), ReCoaches listen to ideas, provide feedback, and advise on learning and development opportunities while advocating for our partner population.

Not only does the ReCoach programme help us sharpen the skillset of our senior leadership while fostering new connections between partners across the globe; it also encourages ReCoaches to identify and endorse top talent for future executive leadership roles. But perhaps most importantly, this programme helps us to foster a peer-coaching mindset across our international partnership.

Birgit Juergensmann

I very much enjoyed going through the various phases of the self-assessment. I am very pleased that the development review is not only about leaning back and recalling, but rather it has a clear focus on individual strengths and preferences as well as on the future.

Birgit Jürgensmann Partner, Germany

An enriching experience for all 

Our university provides the learning and development architecture for the entire programme, training a select group of partners as ReCoaches, and providing their peer-participants with the latest self-assessment tools and e-learning opportunities.

Participants gain from the programme:

  • the opportunity to fine-tune their professional development objectives;
  • the new knowledge and skills to reach these objectives;
  • a judgement-free setting in which to share ideas and get constructive feedback; and
  • a wider network of professional connections.

ReCoaches learn how to:

  • steer their peers towards a revelatory – and valuable – self-assessment;
  • support and document the individual development of their peers;
  • build a strong peer-coaching relationship based on trust, honesty, and empathy; and
  • share best practices and recommend learning opportunities.

Our partners undertake specialised training to become a ReCoach, which is officially certified by our corporate university (accredited by EFMD*).

ReCoach beyond our firm 

Thanks to the solid experience gained in designing and developing the ReCoach programme, we were able to win an executive coaching assignment with the French government’s talent management administration: the Mission Cadres Dirigeants de l’état (MCD). The MCD oversees the careers of the French government’s highest-ranked leaders in central and peripheral administrations. The offer mirrors the values and practices of our ReCoach programme; it integrates a significant diversity of innovative coaching practices and tools and leverages a rich ecosystem of experienced coaches. 

*EFMD – European Foundation for Management Development

Carlos Andres Molano

I really appreciated the ‘endorse your peers’ step. It was the opportunity to go further than just acknowledging, it was the occasion to say thank you. These people have really helped me in my own development and the development of Forvis Mazars in my country.

Carlos Andres Molano Camelo Managing Partner, Colombia