Webinar | From having to being: how China’s consumers are shifting their lifestyle priorities

Watch the replay of our virtual session revealing how Chinese consumers’ priorities in lifestyle consumption have shifted in the post-pandemic economic environment – away from material goods and towards more experiential spending.

As we reveal in our latest report ‘Chinese consumers in 2021: how priorities in lifestyle consumption are changing’, urban Chinese have shifted from having to being in the wake of Covid-19. New categories of growth are emerging in the world’s second largest consumer market and with them, new opportunities.

Where are consumers spending the most on and how have their habits changed from the pre-pandemic era? What can consumer brands operating in China do to evolve with the changing needs of Chinese consumers?

Julie Laulusa, Member of the Group Executive Board and Managing Partner Mainland China and Isabelle Massa, Partner and Head of Consumer at Mazars discuss how global brands can make sense of these recent trends in buying behaviour, which will define the Chinese consumer market in the coming years.

Watch the replay

Recorded on Thursday, 24 March 2022. Watch the replay in French, here.


Webinar: New priorities of Chinese consumers