Let’s Talk: a podcast about business in the time of Covid-19

17/09/2020 Mazars launches the Let’s Talk podcast, featuring global experts discussing how they have helped clients respond to the impact of the virus and get into shape for what comes next.

The business impact of coronavirus has led to months of uncertainty for organisations as they look to make sense of unprecedented conditions. From reforecasting financial plans to accessing government incentives, securing remote internet connections and planning for the post-pandemic economy, there is practically no area of business that Covid-19 has not affected.

To shed light on how leaders have responded to the crisis, and plan on doing so going forwards, Mazars has launched the Let’s Talk podcast. Each episode features a different Mazars expert discussing how they have worked with clients to navigate the crisis so far. They dive into the business critical issues that clients have come up against and what planning for the long-term looks like.

Series 1 and Series 2 are now live. Go here to listen