GDPR in E-commerce

Mazars recently released the 2017 edition of the Global Ecommerce survey which highlights the commercial opportunities and challenges for global e-commerce markets. The findings show that data privacy and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be key risk topics in 2018.

Our experts across Europe weigh in on the key challenges and opportunities the GDPR presents for e-commerce organizations.

Cybersecurity: Can data protection regulation be an e-commerce game changer?

With 66 percent of global consumers planning on using a mobile device to make online purchases in the future, cybersecurity and data privacy risks are set to remain key challenges for e-commerce players.

Nicolas Quairel, Global Head of Technology and Digital solutions at Mazars, highlights the changes and importance of GDPR for e-commerce organisations. There are no easy fixes; compliance in most cases is non-negotiable. However, despite the unwavering necessity to comply with the GDPR, it can prove to be a business game changer for e-commerce companies.

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Why GDPR is much more than a client communication issue for e-commerce?

We know that organizations are affected by many variables and that many companies rely on re-porting functions to capture the risks these variables present. But for e-commerce companies in particular, resolving data protection variables may call for an overhaul of reporting functions to accurately assess the risk of non-compliance. So how are e-commerce clients in the Netherlands re-acting? Jan Matto, Partner at Mazars Netherlands, explains in this article. 


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Creating a seamless link between old and new German data privacy laws

In this article, Stefan Wittjen, Senior Manager at Mazars Germany, discusses how to create a seamless link between Germany’s old data protection act and the new and more EU-aligned version, rather than having to completely overhaul systems. He also address the digital society and how e-commerce operations will have a better chance of survival if they implement GDPR as an opportunity to broaden reporting functions.

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