Change leadership

Sustainable change created through leadership

Change leadership has become an essential component of success in today’s markets where companies face constant disruption. Whether the source of change is an acquisition or merger, restructuring or reacting to the market influences, change leadership will help your organisation stay ahead of the pack.

Demand for effective change leadership strategies has increased significantly where organisations operate in constantly changing environments. With a robust change leadership strategy in place, organisations can adapt quickly to new technologies, new business models, and industrial change. They can help organisations embrace change and use it as a sustainable competitive advantage.

At Mazars, we can help lead your business through change by keeping talent focused, high-performing and happy in helping achieve your business objectives. We believe effective change leadership puts people at the heart of the change. Earning their buy-in from the start, helping them to visualise and understand the change in as much clarity as possible, will ensure a smooth and successful transition. It will help to minimise the impact of resistance because your people are clear on the reason for change and committed to the outcome. Their experience has a powerful impact at every stage.

Our approach

At Mazars, our ambition is to help clients deliver lasting change. We believe in a work style that is proactive and collaborative. We leverage years of deep cross-industry and consulting experience and team up with your own organisation to help everybody involved understand what’s in it for them. We have the expertise to communicate directly with the operational areas of your business, whether that's legal, audit or IT departments.

From working with the board on an initial strategic change readiness assessment to creating and implementing a communications plan with organisational leaders, we equip you and your team with the professional strategies, techniques, methods and tools required to effectively lead the organisation through change.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our strategies are built around the unique values of your organisation. We analyse the precise impact of change on your tools, business processes, people and culture. We help you to capture the interest of every stakeholder so they connect with the change, are engaged and feel inspired to take action. We build KPIs and other metrics to monitor progress and provide high-level feedback throughout.

As a global organisation, we can solve change challenges in a holistic manner, leveraging our international depth and reach while also offering local market knowledge.