Enterprise risk management

Embed a risk management culture into your business strategy

Companies around the world are placing greater emphasis on managing risks in response to rising demands from stakeholders. Effective enterprise risk management requires a robust, organisation-wide identification, monitoring and reporting process. Our team draws on their broad industry experience to help clients embed risk management into their corporate culture.

Our approach

Companies today face pressures from every angle. Tighter regulation, increasing legal requirements and a complex and risky marketplace mean that there is often little room for recovery if things go wrong. As a result, there is a desire to avoid unwanted surprises by managing risks before they develop into problems.

We work with companies to integrate risk management practices into their business that help prevent unwanted outcomes while also supporting long-term objectives. Our team of specialists offers broad industry experience and deep insight that will help you to place risk management at the heart of your strategy so you can take calculated risks that add value, while side-stepping those that threaten your organisation.

We help clients work towards continuous improvement. Risk mapping allows organisations to:

  • Collect and analyse feedback from the field
  • Obtain a reliable analysis of the company's strengths and weaknesses
  • Implement action plans to mitigate risks and, whenever possible, draw up an inventory of the measures (such as insurance, outsourcing or internal control) to manage the major risks identified
  • Create a strategy for risk management and improving economic performance
  • Establish a culture of effectively managing and controlling activities
  • Ensure regular reporting

Risk mapping is a management tool for growth and protecting activities which is shared and leveraged by management and business line departments.

When you work with Mazars, we will help you:

  • Configure your risk management function and processes for a sustainable risk management programme
  • Identify and map major risk
  • Assess your organisation's risk capabilities
  • Support in the choice of a governance, risk and compliance tool