Debt Advisory

Companies often access financing to drive growth, make acquisitions or optimise their working capital. To make the most of these opportunities requires extensive insight into the available lending options. We work closely with you to find the best fit for your goals

Optimise your business by accessing the right funding options for your objectives

When used effectively, financing can help a company to drive growth, realise equity value or help a company meet strategic objectives. But making sense of the borrowing options available on the market requires experience and expertise. It is essential that financing is structured optimally and aligned with your business’s ambitions.

At Mazars, our debt advisory team works with you to understand your funding requirements, advise on the options available in the market and implement the optimal financing solution for your needs. With a strong track record in the lending market, our team has the expertise to match you with the right financing partner and then structure and execute a deal in an optimal manner.

With new entrants and interest rates continuing to sit at low levels, the funding options for privately owned businesses are greater than never. Our debt advisory team will work with you to navigate the options available to your business. This approach includes assessing your business as a whole, understanding your strategic objectives, determining the company’s need for financing, and working with financial institutions to structure and execute financing.

We have strong relationships with lenders and a comprehensive understanding of the debt landscape that ensures a smooth fundraising process.

If you are thinking about refinancing refinance or are interested in knowing more about your funding options, contact us and a member of the Mazars team will be in touch to discuss further.