In times of uncertainty and upheaval, business can face financial and operational difficulties. Making the right changes to get back to profitability will be your priority. At Mazars, our restructuring team can help you turn around your business or guide you through liquidation and administration

A suite of solutions to lead your business through difficult times

When a business is struggling, it takes the right people and the right decisions to get it back on track. Difficulties rarely emerge overnight.

Instead, they evolve over time. Losing major clients, supply chain interruptions, operational difficulties or revenue shortfalls can all make it difficult to meet financial obligations and threaten a business’s future.

Our team of restructuring specialists is on hand to provide the right advice for your situation. Your company may be undercapitalised, have insufficient working capital, or it may have margin problems associated with low profitability and high overheads. Whatever the issue may be, early intervention is essential.

We will work closely with you and your team to identify the key problems and provide solutions and strategies that are tailored to your specific objectives. By taking a collaborative approach, we will leverage the expertise in our team to provide you with practical options for the future of your business.

Such as:

  • Restructuring teams and operations,
  • New financing options,
  • Entering into administration and liquidation. 

At all times, we draw on a commercial perspective aims to preserve value, create efficiencies and improve performance.

Each turnaround situation is unique. If you need help restructuring your business, contact us and a member of the Mazars team will be in touch to discuss further.