Global Mobility Alert April 2021

We hope you and your families are well.
The Global Mobility landscape has been particularly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic for the last year. As companies adapt to the current trends on their employee mobility, it is now clear that this crisis will ultimately affect global mobility management worldwide.
We are pleased to present you the first edition of our Global Mobility Alert of 2021, which provides you with updates on the latest mobility regulations in different countries around the world.

In this edition, we detail Brexit’s impact on the cross-border employment and social security regulations in Belgium, as well as how to keep your workforce compliant post-Brexit in the UK. Moreover, we have included insights on the new tax system for individuals in the Czech Republic, the split residency status in India, and the changes to the impatriate tax regime in Luxembourg. You may also read updates from Peru, Portugal and Poland.


Global Mobility Alert_​April2021

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