Annick Morneau-Montreuil Partner – Leader, Small Businesses

Annick Morneau-Montreuil

Annick Morneau-Montreuil, CPA auditor, CA, is a partner, member of the Board Committee and leader of small businesses and outsourcing services at Forvis Mazars in Canada. Annick joined Mazars in Canada in 1995 and has been a partner since 2008.

She has 23 years of experience in assurance serving a diversified clientele. Through the years, she supported SMEs, from start-ups to large corporations, in many industries, including service, distribution, construction and manufacturing. She also developed expertise with subsidiaries of foreign corporations wishing to expand their business to the Québec and Canada markets.

Annick is recognized for her professionalism, leadership, and ability to manage work teams in complex situations requiring tact and diplomacy. Her in-depth knowledge of the business world, both domestically and internationally, makes her a key collaborator.

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