H. Nagy Daniel Partner, Head of Tax and Legal Services

H. Nagy Dániel

Dr. Dániel H. Nagy is a partner of Forvis Mazars Kft. He joined Forvis Mazars in 2016. Dániel is a qualified lawyer, as well as qualified accountant and tax consultant. In addition to the domestic tax system, he has an excellent knowledge of the operation of the tax authority and has gained many years of experience in the interpretation and application of legislation related to public charges imposed on companies. In addition to legal interpretation, he gained considerable practical experience in the examination of tax audit and enforcement procedures. As a tax consultant, he participated in the development and evaluation of numerous international tax structures, and also has considerable experience in the analysis of double taxation situations. In this LL.M. (Master of Law) qualification, which he obtained at King's College in London, in the field of international taxation, also supported him. Dr. Dániel H. Nagy also has extensive experience in the training of tax law specialists, and speaks English and German.

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