Johan Zuiderwijk Partner

Johan Zuiderwijk

Personal quote / vision

I gladly assist (very) wealthy individuals and/or entrepreneurs in fulfilling their wishes in the aforementioned areas in a tailored and fiscally appropriate manner. This with a listening ear and an eye for practical feasibility. It is important to clients that well-functioning arrangements are in place at important moments in their (business) lives and that (tax) opportunities are utilized in the process. Solutions and ideas that I offer with my team must fit the client. Only then can you really mean something. Knowledge, experience, empathy and commitment are the tools. You create opportunities by applying this correctly. Trusted advisor with head and heart.

Specialist experience

  • Business succession
  • Divorce
  • Gift planning
  • Wealth structuring
  • Caregiving power of attorney/life will
  • Inheritance planning and settlement
  • Administration and execution
  • Shipping

Specific client experience

  • Advisor in numerous Estate & Tax Planning projects
  • Supervisor of numerous business successions
  • Tax supervisor of numerous divorces
  • Tax supervisor of numerous estates
  • Executor in various estates
  • Trusted advisor to family estates

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