Małgorzata Pek Partner, Financial Services Audit & Advisory

Małgorzata Pek-Kocik

Małgorzata Pek is a statutory auditor and an ACCA member. Before joining Mazars, she had been working as an associate partner in one of the “Big Four” firms, where she was responsible for audit, assurance and advisory services for financial institutions. Her portfolio of clients included the biggest banks operating in Poland. 

Małgorzata has over ten years of experience in auditing financial statements of institutions from the financial sector. She also has extensive experience in conducting advisory and implementation projects in the area of ​​risk management, reporting and finance, including experience in implementing solutions in banks' IT systems, implementation of advisory and implementation projects in the area of ​​IFRS and financial risk management, with particular emphasis on credit risk and implementing methodological and IT solutions in the area of ​​financial accounting and external reporting.

Małgorzata graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Finances and Banking of the University of Gdańsk.

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