Masashi Uchida Audit & Assurance, Partner

Masashi Uchida

Masashi Uchida is an Audit & assurance Partner of Mazars Audit LLC.

Masashi started his career from October 2001 at Chuo Aoyama Audit Corporation, and was involved mainly in listed companies’ audit. After 5 years of the career, he started his own accounting firm in 2006, and provided services such as consulting on J-SOX for listed companies, audit and advisory. He then went to France to study MBA at HEC Paris in 2008, and joined Forvis Mazars in October 2010. His total career as a professional Japanese CPA is nearly 20 years. 

Masashi has working experiences in auditing and other assurance services, in providing advisory services including domestic and cross-border due diligence, other consulting services such as J-SOX. He also has extensive experiences in consulting on internal audit, and forensic services.

Clients he has served vary from large public companies to small subsidiaries of foreign company, including consolidation audit of conglomerate companies and financial institutions (banks and securities companies).

Accredit RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) Auditor

Masashi’s experience has mostly been with the following industries

  • Luxury brands
  • Apparels
  • Retail industries
  • Trading industries

Masashi’s expertise areas are more specifically;

  • Group audit, voluntary audit and other assurance service
  • Advisory services such as an inbound due diligence
  • Advisory services which includes coordination with international teams
  • Conversion from J-GAAP to IFRS
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of J-SOX and internal control
  • Support of overseas professionals working in Japan (such as forensic service and royalty audit)




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