Mirela Copot Marjanović Partner, Audit and Assurance

Mirela Copot Marjanović, authorized auditor and FCCA, is a Partner in the Audit department of Forvis Mazars in Croatia. Mirela has a wealth of experience that she has been building since 2003 and has performed a whole series of audit and other engagements with the expression of assurance, agreed procedures upon special requests of the client, audits of consolidated reports, accounting business consulting, auditing of status changes (divisions, incorporations, mergers). Mirela's special area of ​​interest is group audits and consolidations and companies from the IT sector, energy and utility sectors, where over the years she has accumulated experience in the field of auditing, status changes, and consulting.

Mirela graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and holds a certificate of Chartered Accountant of Great Britain (ACCA). Mirela also obtained licenses as a certified auditor and certified accountant. She has completed international education related to International Auditing Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. Mirela is one of the authors of the book "How to pay less tax?" and the HSFI manual, and teaches at the Croatian Institute of Finance on the subject of accounting standards and similar topics.

English is actively used.

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