Per Vinje Carl Partner - CEO Legal - Attorney-At-Law

Per Vinje

Per Vinje is one of the partners in the legal division of Forvis Mazars in Norway, and he also serves as the managing director for the legal team. With extensive transactional experience, Per has been a key participant in developing market standards used in commercial real estate transactions and company transactions based on Norwegian law.

In collaboration with international brokerage systems, Per has structured several funds and fund structures for private ownership, including property syndication. He has many years of experience in developing national service solutions for property ownership and management.

Per has extensive experience in dispute resolution, including litigation in Norwegian courts and foreign jurisdictions. He has a keen interest in corporate law disciplines, including the development of corporate compliance systems.

Per's expertise and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the legal landscape for property and company transactions, making him an invaluable resource for Forvis Mazars and their clients.

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