Seung-Ha Park Partner & CEO

Seung-Ha Park

Sam is an accounting and international tax expert, with more than 25 years of experience in both
accounting firms and foreign invested companies in Korea.

Sam began his professional career in KPMG Korea as an auditor and as an international tax consultant,
mainly serving for international companies in Korea. During his 10 years' service period in
KPMG, he also managed KPMG Frankfurt Korean Desk for 2years, to support Korean companies doing
business in Germany and continental Europe.

After leaving KPMG, Sam experienced the practical business management of foreign invested companies
as CFO for 9 years, covering finance, HR, IT and administration. Sam also performed the role of
Board of Directors and Internal Auditor for some foreign invested companies in Korea.

Sam joined Mazars Korea in 2010 and, since then, he has actively provided international tax compliance and
advisory services to international companies. Since 2012, he is alos acting as CEO of Mazars Korea.

Sam's experiences in both professional services and management of foreign invested companies
enable him to provide hight value services to clients, especially to foreign invested companies.

Since March 2017, Sam is also serving as a member of Tax Appeal Review Committee in National Tax Service.

Sam majored in Tax Law at the Graduate School of Law and Business Administration in Korea University,
and obtained a MBA from Aju University.

Also he graduate Advanced Management Program in Seoul National University.

Sam is a member of Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Accountant and
registered AICPA in Washington, U.S.A..

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