#BreakTheBias on International Women’s Day 2022

Diversity & inclusion is a key topic on our agenda. We know value for our business, our clients and our communities is created by embracing different perspectives, empowering our people and bringing to the table varied backgrounds, views and skills.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. This year’s theme is #BreakTheBias: seeking a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination, where difference is valued.

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“When executing my duties and interacting with our teams and clients, I challenge myself to practice singularity of focus. To be all there! At home, at work, socially, gifting myself and others my presence.’’

Bongiwe Mbunge

Partner, Business Sustainability, South Africa


“I challenge myself and my fellow partners to always recruit and promote on merit alone. We rarely consider if a father can balance their parental duties with their career so we should not have this bias with women, and must commit to providing equal opportunity for everyone.’’

Hervé Hélias

CEO & Chairman, Group


“An inclusive workplace is a diverse workplace where we all benefit from the added value people bring from their own perspectives. Uniformity does not open up our world. 

In both my private and professional life, I work to confront my own biases towards people that are different from those I am used to interacting with every day. In doing so, I enrich my daily life and work towards making Mazars a more inclusive workplace.’’

Véronique Ryckaert

Managing Partner, Belgium


“I always make sure during a meeting that every participant around the table feels safe to speak.’’

Victor Wahba

Managing Partner, USA

Cécile Kossoff - IWD 2022

“Discriminations and stereotypes are the products of self-centric visions of the world. Every day, I fight for equality and inclusivity, challenging dominant behaviours. Today, more than ever, I want to reaffirm my fierce commitment to helping create a fair, safe and equitable world, where everyone can live and thrive.’’ 

Cécile Kossoff

Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader, Group


“Creating value for our business, our customers and our communities requires different perspectives. We must therefore be stewards of our environment, working to create a safe workplace where individuals from varied backgrounds, views and skills can thrive. We are a firm that finds strength and value in difference. This strength enables us to solve our problems, move our business forward and, ultimately, serve our clients better.’’

Olivier Lenel

Managing Partner, France