CEE Tax & Payroll Newsletter March 2024

Get a better overview of the most important changes in tax, labour, and payroll legislation in the CEE region.

The CEE Tax & Payroll Newsletter aims to share Mazars’ latest news on tax, labour, and payroll legislation in the Central and Eastern Europe region, with the scope of helping you to prepare for the changes that could lie ahead in the following countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

Insights to guide you through today’s evolving regional tax, labour, and payroll landscape

  • OECD Pillar 2 GloBE implementation status update in CEE by our joint regional team of tax experts in Central & Eastern Europe.
  • Navigating the future of finance: outsourcing trends and opportunities in payroll by Jana Boštíková, Outsourcing HR & Payroll Leader, Mazars in CEE.

News from the CEE countries


Austria map2
  • New minimum share capital for limited liability companies
  • Changes to partial retirement from January 1, 2024.
  • VAT exemption for photovoltaic systems from 2024.
  • Tax treatment of crowdfunding.
  • Charity Reform Act 2023


HR map2
  • Amendments to the Corporate Income Tax Rulebook, Value Added Tax Rulebook, and Personal Income Tax Rulebook.
  • Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty signed between the Government of the Republic of Croatia and other countries.
  • VAT refunds to foreign taxpayers.
  • Application of the VAT rate of 0% to the supply and installation of solar thermal panels.

Czech Republic

  • Changes to the Intrastat reporting.
  • Interpretation of the General Financial Directorate on Changes in VAT Rates.
  • Introduction to Top-Up Taxes and new tax obligations for selected taxpayers.
  • Change in the taxation of employee stock and option plans.
  • Amendment to the Labour Code and its impact on employees.


Hungary map2
  • Participation exemption ’amnesty’.
  • System changes of R&D tax incentives.·Changes to VAT and excise duty.
  • Personal income tax, social contribution tax, and social security contribution changes.
  • Corporate income tax, accounting, and local business tax changes.
  • Key points of the global minimum tax in Hungary.


Poland map2
  • Slim VAT 3 package amendments.
  • Mandatory e-invoicing postponement.
  • The minimum tax, a new parallel form of taxation alongside the "regular" CIT.
  • Increase in the minimum wage and minimum hourly rate in 2024.


RO map 2
  • Penalties-for-failure-to-submit-the-CbC-report.
  • Six-sectors-responsible-for-CO2-emissions.
  • New-minimum-turnover-tax-TP-perspective.
  • Main changes to labour taxation as of 1 January 2024.
  • Updates on workplace harassment policies.


  • Notice on the amount of the average annual salary per employee in the Republic of Serbia, and a new non-taxable amount calculation.                      


SK map3
  • Draft amendment to the Value Added Tax Act.
  • Carbon duty: A new obligation for importers.
  • ViDA – VAT in the digital age.
  • Lex consolidation and other amendments.
  • Overview of changes in payroll legislation.


Slovenia map
  • Tightening of the penalty policy focusing on the area of VAT return submission.
  • New minimum wage adjustments.
  • New minimum hourly rate for students.
  • Act Amending the Corporate Income Tax Act (ZDDPO-2T).
  • Approaching deadline for reporting to the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (KPK).


UkR map3
  • Important indicators that will have an impact on business activities in 2024.
  • Resuming the reporting for Diia City residents.
  • Recent Tax & Legal news.
  • Amendments to legislation regarding ultimate beneficial owners of legal entities and their ownership structures.
  • Reconstruction of Ukraine updates.


CEE Tax and payroll newsletter March 2024

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