Reconstruction of Ukraine newsletter - September 2023

After the summer break, we are delighted to share the latest updates from the international community, along with significant developments in Ukraine.

In this edition, we will shed light on the vital statistics concerning Ukrainian refugees residing abroad and the pivotal role they play in Ukraine's economic recovery upon their return. Additionally, we will explore the assistance being extended to those whose homes have been affected by destruction through Ukraine's innovative eRecovery system.

You will be able to discover the noteworthy developments related to international support for Ukraine, featuring some examples, such as the details EU's Ukraine Facility, a fresh aid package from the United States, and the opening of applications by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for reconstruction projects in Ukraine.

Furthermore, we will provide in-depth insights into the ongoing efforts to improve conditions for potential investors and enhance transparency and accountability within the public services sector, particularly in the construction domain in Ukraine.

Lastly, we will showcase various investment projects currently underway in Ukraine, involving German and Irish companies in the construction industry, as well as IFC's potential investment into waste-to-energy project by a Ukrainian company. Notably, one of these projects has resumed its activities thanks to the support of a German investment insurance scheme.

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