We stand with Ukraine

In the face of the second year since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, our hearts are heavy with compassion for the people enduring the profound impact and horrible consequences of this war.

The ongoing war remains a humanitarian, economic, and environmental crisis. Despite these challenges, the Ukrainian government and its people continue to demonstrate perseverance, restraint, national togetherness, and dedication to recovery and reconstruction. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine, recognising the resilience and strength displayed by its citizens daily.

Amid the difficulties, we remain steadfast in our belief that Ukraine will defend its independence through the strength of its people's spirit and the solidarity of supporting countries. The path to reconstruction is challenging, especially with the ongoing war, yet the determination of the Ukrainian nation and the undertaken reforms and changes inspire our confidence in a better tomorrow.

Mazars, as a steadfast and reliable partner in Ukraine’s resilience and reconstruction, has been present in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. We consistently strive to contribute to Ukraine’s growth by providing reliable financial services, fostering transparent business practices, and offering strategic guidance to organisations navigating the complex landscape. Mazars is unwavering in its commitment to stand by Ukraine's side throughout its recovery and reconstruction process. Our global team is ready to contribute our expertise in various fields, including capital financing, energy and infrastructure, tax and legal, financial advisory, and many others.

Together, we will work tirelessly to support and empower Ukraine on its path to recovery by assisting our clients and partners in navigating the complex process of the country’s recovery, modernisation, and integration into the European Union.

Should you be interested in staying informed about the latest developments in Ukraine, the progress of its reconstruction projects, and the promising opportunities for businesses, you'll discover a wealth of information thoughtfully compiled by the Mazars team on the following page.

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