Afrik’Expand: our ‘business enabling’ offering

We ease your business set up locally then accelerate your expansion continentally. Whether you are a large corporation or an SME, Mazars assists you in setting up shop locally and accelerating your expansion across Africa.

At Mazars, we help you throughout four steps to help your business thrive on the African markets.

1- Exploration: we help you identify the right target market(s)

Together with you, and mobilising our local ecosystems when needed, we identify the relevant target markets for your set-up and/or your expansion in Africa.

  • Market overview (regional, continental) and characterisation (most profitable, mature, competitive);
  • Target and pilot markets identification;
  • In-depth market study for the pilot market: business, legal, tax environments; stakeholders mapping; etc.

2- Prospection: we help you find the right stakeholders

Leveraging our local offices and ecosystems, we assist you in preparing your implementation on the pilot market.

  • Potential stakeholders selection: prospects, partners, distributors;
  • Introductions: preliminary conference calls, field trips, following up opportunities;
  • Where relevant, assistance in contracting (regulatory, administrative, tax and legal levels).

3- Implementation: we help you open your local pilot entity

We assist you in your local entity creation (on the pilot market) and in starting your business.

  • Business creation;
  • Where relevant, assistance in recruiting the managing director;
  • Accounting, tax, legal and payroll assistance. 

4- Expansion: we help you scale your business on the other targeted markets

We ‘replicate’ the support provided on the pilot market in the other markets jointly identified in the first step, while taking local specificities into account.

  • Exploration
  • Prospection
  • Implementation

Willing to grow your business in Africa? Let us help!

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