AfrikExpand: our matchmaking offering

We help start-ups and large corporations create win-win solutions. From Dakar to Nairobi, from Cape Town to Casablanca, tech ecosystems are booming. At Mazars, we are convinced that, in Africa more than anywhere, B2B tech startups and large corporations have a mutual interest in joining forces to accelerate their growth. Good news: Mazars can help you connect with the right partner across the whole continent.

Both large corporations and start-ups face challenges…

According to the 2018 GSMA report, 442 tech hubs are active on the African continent in 2018 – up over 50% as compared to 2016! The start-up creation dynamics can’t be denied. However, African tech startups still face difficulties in their development, from seed to expansion, starting with access to markets.

In the meantime, major pan-African groups and multinationals' African subsidiaries also face major challenges; the imperative of innovation not being the least.

… and show strong potential for win-win collaboration

At Mazars, we are convinced that:

  • Large corporations can accelerate startups’ access and expansion in the African markets they are present on;
  • B2B tech startups can help large groups rapidly expand their range of services through digital, leveraging their agility, their local problem-solver DNA and their innovation capabilities.

Together, startups and large corporations can provide quick, innovative and sustainable solutions meeting the needs of African businesses and consumers.

How can Mazars help corporations and start-ups match?

Leveraging its African footprint (51 offices in 28 countries of the continent), its clients base and its growing involvement in local tech ecosystems, Mazars is launching an innovative matchmaking offering for B2B tech startups and large corporations. Through the Afrik'Expand platform, our matchmakers connect B2B tech startups and large groups established in Africa.

For Tech start- ups

  • we identify your expansion needs in Africa;
  • we screen the markets;
  • we select the right large corporates. 

ForLarge corporates:

  • we assess your innovation needs (pain points, disruption);
  • we screen the tech ecosystems;
  • we select the tech startups offering solutions to your innovation needs.

For both:

  • we connect you;
  • we monitor the relationship;
  • when relevant, we co-build innovative services.

Willing to find the right partner in Africa? Let us help!

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