Insights from the 3rd annual meeting of the Mazars aero club: globalization and the aerospace industry: low-cost & the dollar zone

New growth engines, reduced exposure to fluctuations in the U.S. currency, and lower production costs: these are just some of the many opportunities that international development strategies offer players in the aerospace industry.


While developing business activities on the international scene offers several undeniable advantages, there are also a large number of risks inherent in such a strategy that need to be anticipated.

Against the backdrop of the globalization of markets, players in the aerospace industry, who are subject to more rigorous product safety requirements, must be able to meet their clients' needs as closely and as cost-effectively as possible, while continuing to provide risk management and ensure quality in their programs.

How should these players approach foreign markets, given this context? What are the key factors for success? What are the primary risks that must be taken into account? How can businesses protect themselves against such risks? Can SMEs develop internationally as easily as large industrial groups?

To try to answer these questions, Mazars organized a round table on Thursday, November 15, 2012, as part of the third annual meeting of the Mazars Aero Club. The theme of this meeting was ‘Globalization and the Aerospace Industry: Low-cost and the Dollar Zone’. The aim was to identify best practices by comparing feedback and opinions from the recognized industry players who were kind enough to take part, including Aerolia, Aerospace Valley, Airbus, Latécoère and Safran. 


  • Current challenges
  • The low-cost business model: myth or reality?
  • SMEs and Mid Caps: the challenges of globalization
  • The booming aerospace industry in Morocco
  • The revival of the aerospace industry in Russia
  • Any future outside the dollar zone?

A round table with:

  • AEROLIA, Raphaël Duflos, Purchasing and Supply Chain Director
  • TOULOUSE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Eric Zanin, Member of the International Commission, Airbus Senior Vice-President and Head of Procurement
  • LATECOERE, François Bertrand, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • SAFRAN, André Guiraud, Regional Representative
  • MAZARS, Kamal Mokdad, Partner from the Casablanca office, Morocco, Florence Pinot, Partner from the Moscow office, Russia, Luc Kempenich, Partner from the Toulouse office, France, Laurent Inard, Partner, Financial Advisory Services department

 MODERATOR: Gil Bousquet, Business and Aerospace Journalist, La Dépêche du Midi


Mazars aero club globalization and the aerospace industry